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Tuesday 11th December 7pm

55 Long Gully Road Angaston

Members, Guests and their partners welcome

The rolling hills just outside of Angaston, on property once owned by BT. Red Wine Club member Alan Duthie, provides the venue for our Xmas Dinner this year. This is now home to Lambert Estate Wine’s state of the art winery and dining complex. Lambert’s is the new fashionable place to go for fine wine and a very highly acclaimed dining experience.  The spectacular Tasting Room and Restaurant offer an elegant ambience and stunning views. Jim and Pam Lambert were the initial creators of the current winery. They were joined by son Kirk and wife Vanesa. Kirk obtained a Master’s Degree of Oenology at Adelaide University where he met and fell in love with a lovely Peruvian fellow wine making student. Now married, Kirk and Vanesa represent the face of Lambert Estate. Naturally they also make the wine. Kirk’s American background and Vanessa’s Peruvian background fuse to make excellent and distinctive wines.  Their expertise and skills have made Lambert a multi award winning label. Lambert Chef Jake Zuppa will present a festive feast for our Xmas dinner night all matched with selected Lambert wines. Kirk and Vanesa Lambert will sit with us for dinner and comment progressively on the wines we partake.


Welcome drinks and registration: Pinot and Chardonnay Bubbles with platters of hot and cold finger food

Xmas Dinner:  Slow roasted whole Turkey, Honey Ham Smoked for 24 hrs in the Lambert kitchen, well seared Carrots, Butter braised Fennel, and Cherry smoked Cauliflower, Salt & Vinegar Potatoes. With wines, the commitment Shiraz and Thoroughbred Cabernet Sauvignon. (White wines are of course available too)

 Sweets:  Lambert’s own aged Xmas Pudding, Lime & Olive oil cake with Buffalo Curd Cherries, Rosemary Tea and Chocolatier Fortified and Sweet Jane Riesling.

 Night Cap: Mulled Wine Tempranillo, Honey Almond Friad and Wine Gums

Members and wives or partners $50. Guests and partners $75

RSVP (no later than December 4th) to:

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