Coming in February!

An Evening with Greenock Creek Brewers

Tuesday February 23rd 7pm

The Wheat Store, Mill Street Greenock

Chris and Lisa Higgins say “hello and welcome to our little boutique brewery”. Greenock Brewers is housed in an old 1860’s wheat store with an abundance of character and located in Mill Street. That’s not many walking steps away from the Greenock Pub where dinner will be served. First order of the night will be a Bunawunda German Blonde welcome drink and finger food. Chris will then take members & guests through the unique premises where all the brewers work is done.
Along the way we will indulge in some serious tastings of German and English style Beers and Ales. They range from lighter brews to what is known in Brewers vernacular as ” black as a Dog’s guts”

Off to the Pub. Dinner is with a Beer drinkers focus. Beer glasses are bottomless. Included in the beverages will be a 3-5% Dinner Ale for those driving. Low Alcohol,  big flavour. Simon Granfield will raid our cellar and bring along his selection of reds for those wishing to partake.



* Beer pack door prizes

*Main:  Succulent and meaty sticky Pork Ribs with Coleslaw and Chips

 Then giant Chocolate Chip Cookies to go with our Club Port.

Further enquiries can be made by e-mailing to [email protected]


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