Port Keg Offer

Special Offer to Members and Guests

You have enjoyed the Club’s keg offering at Home Events, now members are offered the opportunity to enjoy it at home too. Our keg contains a base of Burge Family Port and is now being topped up with Kies premium range. On offer is an opportunity to purchase 5 litre quantities of this bottle quality aged Port taken from the club keg. Whether you choose to augment your own keg or bottle it yourself, (5 litres will fill 7 bottles) this is an opportunity to enjoy at home what you enjoy at the club!         

Member’s price for this is $50 for 5 litres while non-members can get in on the act too for $75 for 5 litres.

How it Works:

Purchase a club voucher at any club event

Hand the voucher in at Kies Wines.

Bring your own container or purchase one from Kies.

Take home 5 litres of the club’s outstanding Port.

For Further Information e-mail [email protected]